Telehealth is the term used for a video consultation between a patient and a specialist. Telehealth benefits patients who would otherwise need to travel long distances for specialist advice, including:

  • Rural and remote patients
  • Patients who are not easily transported
  • Patients living in aged care facilities.

For additional information on Telehealth please contact the PHN office located in your region.

Eligible Geographical Areas

Telehealth services funded under Medicare are determined according to the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA) classifications. Telehealth Eligible Areas are RA2 – 5, which are areas outside a major city. Check your locations classification online.


Telehealth sml

More information

Geelong: telephone 5222 0800, email

Ballarat: telephone 5331 6303, email

Horsham: telephone 5381  1756, email

Warrnambool: telephone 5564 5888, email