As one of the 31 PHNs set up across Australia from 1 July 2015, this community organisation is responsible for increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and coordination of healthcare services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes. Our Strategic Plan is available here: Western Victoria PHN 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

The Western Victoria PHN is governed by a skills based Board made up of four elected and five appointed Directors. As part of its governance structure Western Victoria PHN has established Regional Integrated Councils to report to the CEO and Board on locally relevant clinical and consumer issues.

The PHN staff work across four PHN regional centres in the Wimmera Grampians, Great South Coast, Ballarat and Goldfields, and Geelong Otway regional areas. 

Regional Integrated Councils

Western Victoria PHN is committed to each of the four regional centres having a dedicated Regional Integrated Council.

Purpose of the Regional Integrated Councils:

  • To advise Western Victoria PHN Board and CEO of the unique needs of their respective communities, including in rural and remote areas.
  • To assist Western Victoria PHN to develop local strategies to improve the operation of the healthcare system for patients in the PHN.

The Regional Integrated Councils will do this by:

  • Reporting to and informing Western Victoria PHN on opportunities to improve healthcare services through strategic, cost-effective investment and innovation. This includes providing Western Victoria PHN with advice on regional opportunities, issues, risks and interests as they relate to the PHN’s strategic priorities.
  • Acting as regional champions of locally relevant care pathways designed to streamline patient care, improve the quality of care and utilise existing health resources efficiently to improve health outcomes. This will include pathways between hospital and general practice that influence the follow up treatment of patients.


Diane Sartori P: 5331 6303 - Ballarat Goldfields Clinical and Community Council 

Glenn Bradley P: 5222 0800 - Geelong Otway Clinical and Community Council 

Aneill Kamath P: 5564 5888 - Great South Coast Clinical and Community Council 

Laura Martin P: 5381 1756 - Wimmera Grampians Clinical and Community Council